Will the Real Spell Card Stand Up
When Upper Deck started printing English cards in 2002 they had Monster, Monster/Effect, Fusion, Ritual, Trap and MAGIC cards.

This continued until 2003 when Magic the Gathering sued over copyright infringement over the word MAGIC. It was settled in 2003, however plans had been made and announcements about the new 2003 Collector Tin sets to be issued by Upper Deck.

The sets were to include packages from 6 different sets LOB, MRD, MRL, PSV, PGD and LON. MAGIC cards needed to be reprinted, they changed these cards to SPELL cards but use the same number.

As a collector when attempting to buy a SPELL card from one of these sets I was often sent a MAGIC card. The Dealer would advertise a SPELL and display a SPELL card but send the MAGIC instead.

I have had to educate every dealer about the cards and some refuse to see the difference. They tell me oh yes I have a SPELL card and they do have a SPELL, but their SPELL cards come from the reissue of these cards in the Master Collection Set, issued in 2004 which further complicates the problem.

Another kicker-Starter decks, this is another story, yes they too have the dreaded SPELL!

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