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My Cards To Sell

Cards To Sell is where you start to define the cards you need to Sell from your collection.

The MYuGiOH Database has been setup to allow you to use it at its max, or just a little for just the information you need. Lets start by just doing some card research. You can look up cards by using Cards By Number, Cards By Name, Cards By Color and Cards By Set . Click on the links to see examples.

All examples are in full screen size. We know that when taking a screen and reducing it down to fit a predetermined size, we lose clarity. For that reason we will make sure that every screen example is easy to see and read.

You'll notice at the bottom of the screen where the navigation buttons are, a set of numbers. These numbers show you how many cards are the result of your search. There is a set of large buttons and a set of small buttons. These buttons do the exact same thing, except the small buttons have more functionality. If you hold the button down, the database will cycle through the cards at a rapid rate.



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