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User Decks

User Decks

These are decks that the user can put together. There is no limit to the number of decks any one person can create.

The decks shown will be the decks created by the user shown on the Main Menu.

Enter a name in the Deck Name field Enter a date created.

  • This can also be used to indicate that last time you updated your deck. This date will not change unless you change it.

Enter notes for the Deck.

  • This field will hold over 30,000 characters, so you can type as much as you would like. The field is small on purpose. This will allow the user to see multiple decks at the same time. If you would like this field larger for text entry. Place the cursor in the Notes field and hold the “CTRL” Key and press F2. This will open a larger box to type in.

Once you have your deck name(s) created, you can start adding cards to them. You’ll notice to the left of the Deck Names is a little arrow. That is the deck that is currently active and the data will show up in the lower half of the screen.

To Add/Change cards in that deck do the following:

  • Click on Edit\Change Cards in My Deck. Now you can start adding cards to your deck.
  • The first field is the where you select the card names. All the cards in the database are available in this process. We want to make sure you can create the decks you want at any time. You’ll also notice that cards are listed once for each set that their in. This will allow you to be specific in which cards are in your deck.
  • After you select the card the database will show the
    • Type
    • Classification
    • Attribute
    • Level
    • Attack Points
    • Defense Points

Select The card you would like to add to your deck.

Hit Enter

Select the next card you would like in your deck. When finished, click either on the Main Menu Button or the User Deck Menu

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