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This is a database for collectors and players.  It contains data about every card issued from Upper Deck for play in America.  We have endeavored to make sure all data is correct and up-to-date.  Before you use the database a few clarifications need to be made.

In the issues of Blue-Eyes White Dragon (LOB), Metal Raiders (MRD), Labyrinth of Nightmare (LON), Pharaoh’s Servant (PXV), and Magic Ruler (MRL) there were four issues of cards.  Note Magic Ruler the collection was changed to Spell Ruler (SRL).   The first edition, a first unlimited edition issued and later another issue of unlimited edition.  This unlimited issue had magic cards changed to spell cards. 

From a players standpoint this makes no difference but it does to the collector.  The last issue was found in the Gold Box Master Collection 1.  The card numbers on this issue were changed by adding EN prior to the number but after the collection abbreviation (LOB-EN, MRD-EN, LON-EN, PSV-EN, SRL-EN).  Pharaonic Guardian (PGD) had the first three issues and has spell cards available but no EN cards at this time.

Legacy of Darkness (LOD) is the only collection we found that has magic cards, except (LON-EN) was issued with spell cards.  We wanted the collectors to be able to distinguish between magic and spell.  Example Legendary Sword from Blue-Eyes White Dragon LOB-040.  We show two numbers for this card.  The first is LOB-040 which is a spell card, the next number LOB-040* is the magic version of the same card.

The next number problem was created by the ultimate cards which start in the Soul of the Duelist.  There are 25 ultimate cards in this set. Example: Charcoal Inpachi SOD-EN001 the rare card, and SOD-EN001^ the ultimate card.  Ultimate cards are holo foil cards in the picture, the card type and the monster level if the card is a monster.

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